About Us

Our Mission

Simply said, our mission is to be the best provider of services with the largest fleet of vehicles and greatest customer satisfaction in our industry.  We are committed to delivering excellence with every job we complete...whatever it takes.

Our History

Midwest Mo Contractors was founded in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Through humble beginnings hauling debris, clearing land and setting FEMA emergency trailers, we learned that the need for safe, quality, work was hard to overlook. Midwest Mo Contractors was quickly recognized as a trusted contractor and was awarded new opportunities to serve the city of New Orleans. Along with traditional storm response, we were awarded demolition contracting projects.

As New Orleans was brought back to pre-hurricane conditions, Midwest Mo began the search for work close to home. We were formally incorporated in our home state of Missouri in 2008. Demolition and disaster response were familiar to Midwest Mo, but the market had a more pressing need; railroad services. We were first awarded small railroad tie bundling projects along the track right-of-way. As our production exceeded expectations, we added multiple bundling crews to our organization.  We next added hi-rail and over-the-road boom trucks to our existing fleet of dump trailers and demolition equipment. Steady growth continued as Midwest Mo learned the industry from the bottom up.

Midwest Mo then expanded the scope of offering in the railroad service industry. What began with tie bundling quickly diversified to hi-rail car loading, track takeout and all-inclusive tie recycling/disposal projects.

Today, Midwest Mo Contractors owns and operates a large fleet of hi-rail and over-the-road boom trucks as well as high-capacity dump trailers and demolition equipment. With focus on the railroad, manufacturing and the oil and gas industry, we are proud to offer a one-stop solution for the toughest projects in material handling, transportation, and recycling/disposal.

Our Values & Commitment

To Grow The Largest Fleet In The U.S.

If we don't have the equipment needed for a job, we get it -- continuously growing our fleet to ensure our customers' needs are met.  We believe we already have the largest fleet in the U.S. and we are committed to answering every need.

Commitment To Service

Our staff is dedicated to delivering the expertise needed for each and every call. When it comes to emergency response, we execute immediately with the precision & expertise needed to solve any situation.

Committed To Our Values

The type work we all do in this industry isn't well known to the public but the end services we deliver affect all.  We keep all the businesses and families we serve close at heart in dedication to delivering the results needed -- putting core family values into doing every job right.

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